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Merton's new Child, Young Person and Family Well-Being Model (MWBM) 2017

MWBM 2017Yvette Stanley, Merton's Director of Children's Services has written a letter to all staff and practitioners working with children and families across the borough, to launch the new Merton Child, Young Person and Family Well-Being Model (MWBM) 2017:

As you will be aware during Spring/Summer 2017, the Children's Trust and Merton Safeguarding Children Board reviewed our local wellbeing model to ensure it continues to be fit for purpose. The outcomes of the review were as follows:

  1. We recommitted to our shared ambitions and values as key drivers for our local agenda to improve outcomes for children, young people and families.
  2. We recommitted to our local wellbeing model but wished to include "family" in the title, to reflect our "Think Family" approach. This model now becomes our "Child,Young Person and Family Well-Being Model". We also amended the graphic to ensure the visual representation is more easily referenced to the Pan London 'Continuum of Care' and better reflects the volumes of activity at each of the levels of the model.

For your use locally please download the graphic for the refreshed model, and the graphic which represents our Children's Trust ambitions and values.

We will be working to refresh some of our tools and training to support the model during the 2017/18 academic year. This will include ensuring greater understanding across the network of our children's social care systemic approach and utilisation of 'Signs of Safety' as a tool for arising risk and vulnerability, and improving communications and direct work with families. We will provide regular updates on these developments.



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