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Merton CCG and Merton Council supported the London-wide #AskAboutAsthma campaign to help ensure more consistent asthma care for children and young people across the capital. The campaign ran from 11–24 September 2017, during peak season for emergency asthma-related admissions to hospital.

Asthma is one of the top three causes of emergency admission to London hospitals. The UK has a higher rate of illness and death in children and young people because of asthma compared to other European countries. In London, more than 10 children die needlessly of the condition every year. #AskAboutAsthma aims to help improve this.
NHS Merton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is supporting the #AskAboutAsthma's campaign to ensure that all young people with asthma:
  • have a written asthma treatment plan
  • get the help they need to use their inhalers more effectively
  • receive a regular review of their medication and care

These simple measures will help improve the quality of life for children and young people suffering from this long-term condition. 

#AskAboutAsthma is led by Healthy London Partnership, a collaboration of all 32 London CCGs, including NHS Merton CCG, and NHS England (London region). As part of the campaign, NHS organisations across London, including hospitals, pharmacists, primary and community carers, are also committing to reducing air pollution, which is a major trigger of the condition. 
For more information see the Merton CCG webpage.


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