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An update from the Chair of Merton's Safeguarding Children Board

Keith MakinThe Merton Safeguarding Children’s Board’s Priorities for 2017-2019

Merton Safeguarding Children’s Board (MSCB) was recently inspected by Her Majesty’s Inspector’s from Ofsted as part of the Single Inspection Framework. The final report will be published in early September however, we are very pleased with the initial feedback from inspectors and very proud of the MSCB and its partners for their commitment to ensuring that everyone in Merton does all they can to ensure that every child is safe, supported and successful.

The Board’s priorities for 2017-2019 are:     

1. Think Family – to support children and adults in our most vulnerable families to reduce risk and ensure improved outcomes.  

The Think Family Coordinator has been appointed, and will coordinate the work that is being done across adult and children’s services in order to ensure that this work is joined-up and that family (children and adults) receive a seamless delivery of services.

The Board has also approved a protocol for 'Bruising in pre-mobile Babies and children who are not independently mobile'. The purpose of this protocol is to provide multi-agency professionals with clear practice guidance in cases.

2. Supporting Vulnerable Adolescents

The Board aims to support vulnerable adolescents who may be at risk of

  • Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE),
  • Children who go missing from home/school/care,
  • Children and young people who are at risk radicalisation and violent extremism,
  • Children at risk of serious youth violence and gangs,
  • Self-harm and poor mental health,
  • Suicide prevention.

The Board has approved a Harmful Sexual Behaviour Protocol so that professionals are supported to intervene effectively in cases where children behave in harmful ways. The protocol makes it clear that children who harm others (including sexually) are likely to have considerable needs themselves. Evidence suggests these children may have suffered significant disruption in their lives, been exposed to violence within the family, may have witnessed or been subject to physical or sexual abuse, have problems in their educational development and may have committed other offences.

Children and young people who display harmful sexual behaviour should be held responsible for their abusive behaviour, while being identified and responded to in a way that meets their needs as well as protecting others.

We have also refreshed our Online Safety Strategy. The aims of the Online Safety Strategy are as follows:

  • Guide children, young people and others to the best sources of information and support and not duplicate the great range of advice and resources already available.
  • Help organisations to develop their own solutions, and incorporate the principles and priorities of this strategy into their own: Make sure that risk is assessed and managed effectively; Identify those young people potentially vulnerable.
  • Make sure that young people understand their own risks in using online services.

For more information on the work of the MSCB please contact the Business Manager:


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