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Merton’s Transforming Families (TF) service successfully supports vulnerable families to turn their lives around by helping them tackle problems related to unemployment, youth crime and/or anti-social behaviour, educational difficulties, and health problems. It is Merton’s response to the Government’s widely publicised Troubled Families initiative which, when originally launched in 2012, aimed to ‘turn around’ the lives of 120,000 families.

By the end of the first phase of delivery of the programme (2012-2015) Merton had one of the highest performing ‘Troubled Families’ teams in London and in the country. During this phase the performance of every local authority in the country was published at regular intervals following the submission of ‘Payment by Results’ claims which track and represent the outcomes which have been achieved for families. When phase one concluded, Merton was one of the authorities which had ‘turned around’ 100% of its families.

The programme is now in phase two of its delivery (2015-2020) and Merton’s TF service continues to deliver its work, in partnership with other key teams across the borough, guided by the Government’s prescribed outcomes and financial framework. The service continues to perform strongly, and according to the Government report, Supporting Disadvantaged Families; TF programme 2015-2020, progress so far, is currently in second place in London with respect to turning around the lives of some of the borough’s most disadvantaged families.

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