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National Autistic Society award for Raynes Park High School’s Access Centre.

RPHS NAS award

We are delighted to be sharing the fantastic news that, after two years of hard work and three days of inspection in July, the Access Centre (ARP) at Raynes Park High School has been accredited by the National Autistic Society (NAS) as having achieved the expected standards for a mainstream school working with students with a diagnosis of autism.

The Award Committee considered that the school has achieved the standard required by Autism Accreditation and therefore awarded the status of Accredited to The Access Centre, Raynes Park High School.

Accredited status is awarded to provisions where staff have a good working knowledge of methods and approaches which produce positive outcomes for students with autism. The support offered in the school is effective and person centred, overall reaching the standard expected by Autism Accreditation. The quality of practice is reflected in the majority of feedback from the students with autism and/or their families.

The accreditation report stated:

“The committee found compelling evidence that the Access Centre provides personalised educational and therapeutic support rooted in an understanding of the strengths and challenges of each autistic student. The Access Centre provides a calm and safe space for students to work, relax and gain confidence. An effective key worker system is in place and students are supported in emotional self-regulation and in overcoming barriers to mainstream inclusion. They are well prepared for transition between year groups and to and from other settings”.   

This showcases the hard work and dedication given by every member of the team in the Access Centre towards the inclusion of our students in the mainstream school environment. We are pleased to say that we are the only secondary school in London to have achieved this accreditation. ​

For more information about Raynes Park High Schools Access Centre for children with ASD please contact the Head of Access Centre Samantha Kuti:


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