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‘Thank you MIASS I could not have moved forward without the support’.

Fran Turko and Shazia Khan from Merton’s Information, Advice and Support Service for SEN and/ or Disabilities (MIASS) have shared case study, to illustrate one example of the positive impact of the service:

A mum contacted the service for support for her son of secondary school age who was struggling to cope and not progressing in his learning. He had been diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and was finding the mainstream environment overwhelming.

She heard about the service by recommendation from a profession, and contacted us because her son had been excluded and was refusing to go to school. We were able to give her support over the phone and at a review of the young person's Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). His presentation in school and progress was reviewed by a professional and it was identified that his needs could not be met in that particular setting, despite the school putting in place lots of support.

We then worked with the family to identify and visit potential alternative schools, resulting in a placement with more support. The young person is now attending school regularly again. Mum said:

‘Thank you MIASS I could not have moved forward without the support’.

If you are working with a child, young person or family who needs support for SEN and/ or disabilities then please encourage them to speak to education and other professionals who work with the child or young person and to use the online directories. If they still need further support please ask them to contact MIASS on 020 8543 8854 or email: and






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