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A multi-agency approach to 'Neglect'

Merton Safeguarding Children Board (MSCB) updated our multi-agency Neglect Strategy in March 2017.

The MSCB is committed to ensuring that neglect is widely understood and responded to through joint working arrangements, and that thresholds for intervention and support are clear including early help through to statutory level, in accordance with Merton’s Well-Being Model.

Locally, neglect cases form over one third (on average about 40%) of all Child Protection (CP) plans. In 2015-16, there was a significant increase in the use of neglect as a category in CP plans at 42.6% compared to 33% in 2014-15. A high proportion of Serious Case Reviews are due to neglect.

The MSCB offers multi-agency neglect training via a training officer, who is an internationally recognised neglect specialist. The single-agency training expectation is that the agency will provide appropriate training as their staff come into contact with families in different ways.

The MSCB Business Plan was reviewed at the Board’s Annual Away Day in March 2017. At the meeting the board committed to extending and deepening its three priorities, with the overarching cross-cutting issue of neglect.

For more information about the MSCB Business Plan review see the article - An update from the Chair of Merton's Safeguarding Children Board.


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