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Merton’s Youth Parliament reaches out to Manchester

Following the shocking events in Manchester on Monday 22 May, Merton’s Youth Parliament sent a letter to Manchester, to reach out to their peers following the tragic loss of young lives.

"We are writing to you to send our wishes, thoughts and support as your colleagues, partners and more importantly, your friends here in the London Borough of Merton. We, as Merton Youth Parliament, would like to send our deepest condolences to everyone in Manchester, especially to the young people and those affected by the terror attack at the Ariana Grande concert hosted at the M.E.N Arena on the night of Monday 22 May. 

The concert that took place should have been a place without fear, or even the thought of such a horrendous act, the barbarity that was shown wasn't aimed at young people but was taken out on us because of the twisted and sickening thoughts of someone who represents no one but his own selfishness.

These events should never take place, let alone be witnessed by anyone, least of all the youngest in our society. Whilst it is in times like these that darkness and hatred are spread, we can live in the hope that after all is said and done, the young people in Manchester and the United Kingdom will lead the way and show the world how we stand together for a brighter and safer future. As you may know London recently experience such atrocities and as a wider city we came out stronger than before, we see this sense of solidarity repeated in Manchester across the news and on social media.

Our next meeting will be opened with 2 minutes of silence for all those affected by the events of Monday night.  We will reflect on the importance of our roles as young people's representatives in times of adversity.

We wish you every strength and thought as you begin to move forward as a city of young people."



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