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Apprenticeship participation increases in Merton

One of the key priority areas of work included in Merton’s Children and Young People’s plan is to ‘narrow the gap in educational outcomes and opportunity’. One aspect of this work involves continuing to strengthen partnership arrangements, for example with employers and work based learning providers, to expand pathways and opportunities for young people including apprenticeships, and to make apprenticeships more accessible. This work is driven by Merton’s Economic Well-Being Group, including apprenticeship providers.

Compared to our statistical neighbours (boroughs who are considered to be similar to Merton in terms of a range of demographic indicators) Merton has achieved the 5th greatest percentage increase since 2015 in young people, in the 16-18 academic age group, participating in education and training through apprenticeships. This means that we are now ranked as 4th for apprenticeship participation for this age group, amongst our statistical neighbours; this is above the London average.

Our work continues to focus on improving the proportion of 16-17 year olds participating in education and training through apprenticeships. While rates of participation have improved to 3.2% in 2016 from 1.7% in 2014, this is below the London and national rates.

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